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Ultrasound services offered in Manhattan, KS

At The Women's Health Group, P.A., the team of highly skilled and caring physicians use ultrasound to help track the progress of pregnancies, as well as help diagnose many different health conditions. With two offices in West and East Manhattan, Kansas, the professional staff urges patients to contact the office with questions concerning their reproductive health. Call the office to schedule your ultrasound, or request your appointment online today.

Ultrasound Q&A

How does an ultrasound work?


Also known as sonography, ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of certain areas of the body. The sound waves are sent through the body, and when they bump into an obstacle, for example, the uterus, they bounce back in the direction they came from.


A receiver picks up the returning sound waves, creating an image. A 2 or 3-dimensional picture is created depending on how sophisticated the ultrasound technology is. A 4D ultrasound is a compilation of images from a 3D ultrasound, creating a short movie of your baby in motion.


Ultrasounds can be used to check for or monitor problems in the reproductive organs as well.

When are ultrasounds most beneficial?


Ultrasounds are extremely effective at tracking an unborn child's development while still in the womb.


They can also be used to uncover abnormalities within organs. Ultrasound is beneficial for diagnosing conditions like uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.


They can be used in different settings and even during laser procedures to ensure the laser is being applied to the exact location. Ultrasound provides a look inside the body that is more precise than an X-ray with very few known side effects.

What can an ultrasound show during pregnancy?


The Women's Health Group, P.A. team, uses ultrasounds as a diagnostic tool during various stages of a woman's pregnancy.


An ultrasound allows the doctor to track the baby's development and help identify any potential problems that may appear as the pregnancy progresses.


The images produced can also be used to identify the sex of the child if the parents are interested in knowing before delivery.

Does an ultrasound hurt?


The majority of ultrasounds are done externally, outside of the body. The only sensation felt throughout the scan would be the temperature of translucent gel and the transducer's gliding on your body. Pain during an ultrasound is virtually nonexistent.


The Women's Health Group, P.A., performs a number of transvaginal ultrasounds, should your physician require one. You may need a transvaginal ultrasound for several reasons, including pelvic pain and early pregnancy confirmation. They involve the patient undressing from the waist down and a vaginal exam.


To learn more about the services available at The Women's Health Group, P.A. and schedule an ultrasound, call the office or request an online appointment.